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Almost every one I know, knows someone or has some one in their family who has some form of skin allergy like eczema, skin sensitivity, allergic to laundry detergent.


At ecominim, we are extremely concern of about the ingredients that we use in our products. We ensure they are safe for some if not all these conditions that we hear about. We go as far using cosmetic grade surfactant to ensure that it is still effective against grease that, we have left out many ingredients that are common and considered “safe” for a lot or products and consumers just because their technical data sheets states otherwise. This plus our own strict in-house tests means that any product that even remotely indicates otherwise will be reformulated and re tested.

There are probably close to 100,000 of chemicals that can be used as ingredients in your daily products. However, it is not always clear the legislation on safety on ingredients and even listing of ingredients in this increasingly sophisticated eco science business.

A lot of ingredients that is deemed unsafe will be left out including common ingredients like betaine and CDC, not to mention the oft mentioned albeit unproven “cancer causing” parabens and triclosan.

Market Comparison

We are SIRIM tested.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We benchmark our ingredients against market leading products.
Our ingredients can be found on safe lists “Safer Choice, USA” listings.
ecoMINIM is proudly Malaysian researched and made with international standards.


For household cleaning products in Malaysia and around the world, there are no strict guidelines that says a product must state other than the most common items. Our product labels state in full the chemical name, allowing you to research the ingredient if in doubt. This is particularly important for people who may have very specific allergies and need to know the ingredients before using something.

Our Guarantee

ecoMINIM is guided by the principle that information and transparency is of primary importance. We deliver what we promise.  It is our believe that everyone has a fundamental right to know what ingredients are used in their everyday products that they trust to ensure that they are not harmful. Our ingredients are stated in full on our product labels beyond the legal requirement.

ecoMINIM products are:

Safe for you and family.

Protects our environment.

Our labels state in full our ingredients.

Guaranteed to give results.

Concentrated to save you money and space.

No products are tested on animals.

Packaged in minimal packaging using earth-friendly materials where possible. Our plastic bottles are made from BPA-free materials and are recyclable. We also use eco-friendly water-based vanish for our cartons.

Our packaging material policy is: Replace • Reduce • Reuse • Recycle • Repurpose 

Guaranteed Results

We test all products on ourselves first band only when it fulfils our strict internal product criteria that we send them out to test in an independent laboratory. Our priority for our product formulations is safety and healthy. We benchmark our products against the market leader as a guarantee that our products can deliver excellent performance.

After we have done our extensive in-house testing, we do extensive large-scale consumer testing to make sure our customers can tell us what they love as well.

Continuous development and improvement. We do constant development and improvement to keep abreast if not ahead of the constant advancement and evolvement where eco-science is concern. We aim to make our eco-friendly products available to be affordable to the market to encourage widespread use.

Concentrated for Value

Minim’s “less is more principle” means that our R&D team uses minimal number and amount of ingredient with lowest concentration but yet most results. There are no fillers and or bulking agent. Every ingredients plays a vital role to ensure that you get maximum results with minimal impact to you and your environment. There are also no unnecessary costs to the consumers


“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing more to take away – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry”

Not Tested on animals.

No minim products have been deliberately tested on animals before, during or after research. We do consumer testings and also on willing friends and family.

All our guarantees of bio-degradability comes from source material and certified manufacturer.

Our Stand

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