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ECOMINIM™ Range of Products

Household cleaning products are very much a part of our daily lives. These chemicals affect our skin, and Mother Earth. Today where environment protection is crucial, the demand for eco freindly products is on the rise.

ECOMINIMTM aims to create awareness that everyone one of us can play a role in sustainable living. We can use start using products that encourage sustainable living with minimal impact to the environment. We start by making it easy to change the way people clean. Cleaning is more than just about washing off dirt but also about what we leave behind in the environment.

ECOMINIMTM Products Principles

ECOMINIMTM product ingredients are plant based and biodegradable. ECOMINIMTM products are not tested on animals.

Our main surfactant is a non ionic surfactant, decyl glucoside which is of cosmetic grade. This surfactant helps us wash and cut grease effectively, yet is gentle on sensitive skin. Our products are easily rinsed off and leaves no residue. We do not use any colouring to retain the naturalness of the product. Our products are concentrated to be economical.

We are transparent in our sourcing and production as well as our mission.

All ECOMINIMTM products have:

No EDTA, No parabens, No phthalates, No Sulfates, No NPEs, No SLES/SLS, No Betaine/CDE,
No Optical Brighteners, No Phosphates, No Musks and No Formaldehydes.

ECOMINIMTM products are biodegradable, Low Suds, plant based and eco friendly
All ECOMINIMTM products are specially formulated with care and love and minimal impact to you and the environment. We meticulously test and use only biodegradable and plant based ingredients that are not harmful.

Proudly Made In Malaysia

We are a leading household home care detergent manufacturer based in Selangor, Malaysia. Having years of OEM manufacturing for MNC companies, we decided to product our own line of plant based, made from natural ingredients, ecofriendly detergent products that rivals international detergent brands. Our currently line of ecofriendly detergent consist of laundry detergent, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, and surface cleaner. Since our eco-friendly products are made from 100% plant based, natural ingredients, our products can be used for sensitive skin and baby.

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