Our Values

All ecominim™ products are formulated with the utmost thought and care to avoid environmental damage and pollution, and the depletion of our natural resources. We source responsibly, test our products meticulously, and use 100% plant-based, biodegradable ingredients that are not harmful to you or the ecosystem.

At ecominim™, we are extremely concern of about the ingredients that we use in our products.

We ensure they are safe for some if not all these conditions that we hear about.

We go as far using cosmetic grade surfactant to ensure that it is still effective against grease that, we have left out many ingredients that are common and considered “safe” for a lot or products and consumers just because their technical data sheets states otherwise.

ecominim™ Protects You And The Planet

Household cleaning products are very much part of our daily lives. However, commercial cleaners are loaded with chemicals and toxic substances that are hazardous to our health and the earth.

Cleaning chemicals can irritate the skin and trigger allergies and asthma while their manufacture and disposal cause environmental pollution.

As environmental protection becomes increasingly crucial, the demand for eco-friendly products is on the rise.

ecominim™ aims to create an awareness that everybody can play a role in protecting the planet. We can all start by changing the way we clean.

Cleaning is more than washing off dirt. It’s about what we leave behind.

By using products that encourage sustainable living, we can minimize our impact on the environment.

Our Products

Why Customers Love ecominim™

ecominim™ Product Principles

Product ingredients

ecominim™ product ingredients are plant based and biodegradable. ecominim™ products are not tested on animals.

Main surfactant

Our main surfactant is a non ionic surfactant, decyl glucoside which is of cosmetic grade. This surfactant helps us wash and cut grease effectively, yet is gentle on sensitive skin.


ecominim™ products are biodegradable, Low Suds, plant based and eco friendly. We meticulously test and use only biodegradable and plant based ingredients that are not harmful.

All ecominim™ products:

No EDTA, No parabens, No phthalates, No Sulfates, No NPEs, No SLES/SLS, No Betaine/CDE, No Optical Brighteners, No Phosphates, No Musks and No Formaldehydes.

Easily rinsed off

Our products are easily rinsed off and leaves no residue. We do not use any colouring to retain the naturalness of the product. Our products are concentrated to be economical.

Formulated with care & love

All ecominim™ products are specially formulated with care and love and minimal impact to you and the environment.

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Proudly Made In Malaysia

Since 2007, we have been manufacturing products to multinational corporations as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). As a leading home care detergent manufacturer based in Selangor, Malaysia, we decided to produce our own line of plant-based, natural, eco-friendly detergents that rival international detergent brands.

We offer laundry detergents, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, and surface cleaners that are good for you, your home, and the planet.

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